Exciting insights into Laura’s work at TAKE A LOOK

Project manager Niklas Schillings and intern Masha sat down with working student Laura on the Rhine during lunch break and asked her a few questions about her work and time at TAKE A LOOK Events & Incentives.

NIKLAS: Laura, what are your tasks as a working student at TAKE A LOOK?

 As a working student I will be fully involved in TAKE A LOOK’s operations. This means that I work both in the office and at the events. In the office, I am mainly involved in the creative preparation of events by accompanying the conception of new teambuilding events. However, I also learn administrative activities and how to use programs to maintain the homepage. During the events I take over tasks in the preparation, the execution as well as in the postprocessing.

MASHA: You were an intern at TAKE A LOOK once, right?  How exactly was your further career?

After my 3-month internship in 2016, I continued to work as a freelancer at TAKE A LOOK events during my bachelor’s degree with great pleasure. In the meantime, I have reached the end of my master’s degree in sports tourism, so that I can optimally contribute my theoretical background knowledge to my daily work as a working student.

NIKLAS: Which event have you particularly enjoyed at TAKE A LOOK so far?

This question is really difficult to answer. Every event is so individual, that’s the beauty and exactly the reason why I enjoy it so much. The constant variety also provides us employees with exciting experiences.

MASHA: What are you doing outside of TAKE A LOOK?

I also enjoy sports in my private life. My passion is skiing. As you know, I can’t do this every day in my favourite city, Cologne, so I started looking for a new hobby: padel tennis. On weekends I often go to recreation areas with my friends or family, I like cycling or meeting for a games evening.

NIKLAS: Do you prefer red wine or white wine?

I like white wine best. What I can also tell you is that I was able to learn a lot more about wine, especially through our “vineyard events” and the cooperation with the winegrowers. By the way, I can recommend everyone a guided tour through the small romantic wine cellars.