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Which team is going to win? | Teambuilding Indoor

Accuracy, creativity, speed, cleverness – with this indoor team building concept your employees can show their talents and skills in different disciplines.

You can get 2 hours or even half a day full of action-packed group activities like Crossgolf, Indoor Boule, Cornhole, Jousting and many more assisted by our event-team. In small groups your employees will compete against each other and only have the chance to win if they show teamwork and help ech other. The joint challenges will unite your staff members and increase the feeling of togetherness. At the end the collected points at each station will be counted and the winner team will be honored during an award ceremony.

These Indoor Games can be realised at your company site or in one of our partner locations. Below we would like to introduce some of our modules which can be chosen to organise the active day. Of course the TAKE A LOOK-Event-Team can assist you when it comes to the selection of the best fitting activities according to your expectations.

Indoor Crossgolf

Usually golf takes place at a prestigious golf course and players need a certain knowledge and equipment to play. Crossgolf is different. Less rules and much more creativity is needed to overcome the obstacles.


The popular italian check game is perfectly suited for an exciting team event. After a short training by a TAKE A LOOK adviser 2 teams have a match.


Up to 5 people try to successfully pass through a parcours on one pair of skis. High Demand for coordination and Balance.


Small bags and a wooden game board are fascinating from the beginning on. The aim is to hole as much bags as possible.


A lance, two people and a wheelbarrow as means of transportation. Not as dangerous as the original but even more fun.

Further modules like the Running A, Huge Jenga, KUBB, Ladder Golf, Station of Senses, Indoor Boule, Fair Balance or Laser Biathlon can also be integrated and are free to be chosen. In addtion, company-internal objectives or operational innovations like new tools or modules can be connected creatively with the activities.

We are glad to create a unique offer for groups of 40 to 200 persons.

Testimonials | Hear what our clients say about our work

TAKE A LOOK organized a union meeting with 300 deputies. They did a professional job with a great concept which was realized perfectly. Concerning the technology, furnishing and assistance, we were able to fully rely on TAKE A LOOK and take care of ourselves to the content.
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