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HAKA Team-Energizer Event | Teambuilding Indoor

Experience with TAKE A LOOK the extraordinary, communicative and novel teambuilding event: HAKA Team-Energizer.

The special thing about the HAKA Teambuilding Event

The HAKA is originally the ritual dance of the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori.

The HAKA strengthens the sense of community in your group and means one thing above all: motivation!

The unique and individual HAKA teambuilding event leaves you and your colleagues with noticeable energy, experiences and stronger team cohesion for the everyday life in your company.

The HAKA Team-Energizer

A short welcome and introduction of the HAKA coaches will be the beginning of your HAKA teambuilding event. Entertaining video and audio recordings introduce you to the history of the HAKA and give you first impressions.

Afterwards you will develop your own personal and individual HAKA together as a team, with the support of the coaches. Add your company values, strategies and individual messages and develop your very special appearance as a team.

Before the final performance of your HAKA, the common strengths of your team will be focused and tuned in with the help of a short meditation unit. This is followed by the performance of all HAKA, whereby each group shows how much team spirit and cohesion you have.

We would be happy to show you in a telephone call our further, diverse possibilities to offer you an unforgettable community experience.

Number of persons: 20 – 200, any age

Duration: 90 to 120 minutes

Location: indoor and outdoor possible (we will gladly recommend a suitable location)

Language: German and English

Follow-Up: Video documentation (optional)

Testimonials | Hear what our clients say about our work

The following things are always particularly important to us on our company outings:
A changing programme tailored to our staff, a location with a feel-good factor and a creative team-building approach that helps to develop a stronger sense of WE.
TAKE A LOOK quickly understood our objectives and created an outstanding event concept that will keep us in mind for a long time to come. A big THANK YOU to the whole team for this great organisation and implementation!
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