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Drum Workshop - fostering communication through rhythm | Teambuilding Indoor

Join an interactive drumming event!

Year for year, day for day, day and night, heartbeat and breathing, every step is a beat in the recurring rhythm of our life.

Also our work processes are subject to certain rhythms, which on one hand follow the work field´s purpose as well as on the other hand the culture of the company and need to be reconciled accordingly. Therefore it is no rocket science that also the rhythm of our daily cooperation needs to be in full harmony.

In our interactive drum workshop every musician takes on a specific task and all together work on the success of the drum piece.

The tasks range from body percussion like clapping or stamping to vocal challenges like making loud noises and singing to easy or complex drum figures depending on the team members and the purpose of the team. The drum coach uses Arabic and African rhythms as well as a big variety of drums and instruments, which are used by the Berber people of North Africa. In the end the members have to present their drum piece.

This team building event can be realised throughout the whole year. Indoor as well as outdoor.

Locations of realisation: your seminar hotel or a location recommended by TAKE A LOOK.

Apart from the indoor event location for the drum workshop we are also happy to provide a location for your evening event or meeting during the day. We can offer locations in the area of Cologne, Bonn, Duesseldorf as well as Frankfurt, Mainz and Wiesbaden.

TAKE A LOOK is your one stop-shop for all kinds of matters.

Number of participants:                20 – 100

Duration:                                      2 hours

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TAKE A LOOK organizes teambuilding events to motivate our personnel and also realized our 25 years company anniversary. Each event has its individual character, has been developed with a lot of finesse and takes up our goals perfectly. Ulrich Weller – magellan netzwerke
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