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Drum Workshop - fostering communication through rhythm | Teambuilding Indoor

Year after year, day after day, day and night, heartbeat and breath, every step is a beat in the recurring rhythm of life. Everything happens in a beat. Even professional processes are subject to certain rhythms, which partly follow their own industry or company culture and have to be artfully harmonised.

Finding the common rhythm

It is therefore obvious to harmonize the rhythm of the daily cooperation.  Just as in a much-cited picture, the gearwheel construction of a clockwork, where one engages in another, rhythmics can be used to depict and represent, develop and promote the processes in and between departments, between employees. In our drumming workshop, each musician has an assigned task that defines something, with which he or she integrates, fits into the beat and all together share in the success of a piece.

Growing together as a team when drumming

Depending on the team’s composition and objectives, the tasks range from body percussion, such as clapping hands against each other or on the body, stomping with the feet, to vocal challenges such as calling out lutes, chanting or singing, to simple or more complex drum figures. Arabic and African rhythms are used as well as a wide range of drums and rhythm instruments, which are used by the Berber people of North Africa, for example. The aim of the drum workshop is the successful presentation of a drum piece developed under expert guidance.

The complete package for your event

This teambuilding event can be held all year round. Indoor or outdoor. It can be realized in the conference hotel of your choice or in a location provided by TAKE A LOOK. Besides the indoor event location for the drumming workshop, we are also happy to provide you with a location for a subsequent evening event or a meeting before. In the Rhineland (Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf and surroundings), Rhine-Main (Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden) or all over Germany. From TAKE A LOOK you get all services from one source.

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In the last years, the College of physical education could implement a lot of professional events with TAKE A LOOK. The Event-Team is always creative and assured with new special ideas. We created many meetings and team-events together, which where all unforgettable in the ambience of the college. Sascha Hendrich-Bächer - Leiter der Sportschule Hennef
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