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GPS Geocaching | Teambuilding Outdoor

A wonderfully exciting storyboard, integrated team-building activities, unique locations as well as fantastic natural surroundings characterize this GPS Geocaching.

Interactive and communicative – your GPS Geocaching

Equipped with GPS devices, the participants will experience an interactive rally in small teams and discover different stations.  Solve puzzles and communicative team tasks in the group and get the new coordinates. Required are self-initiative, good mood, a watchful eye and good teamwork.

Teamwork is required for the integrated team activities. These wait for the participants at different coordinates during the GPS Geocaching. After the activities have been successfully completed, the participants receive another coordinate and set off for the next stop. Strengthen your team with tower construction, team catapult, fire making, ladder golf, cornhole and much more.

Competencies such as creativity, communication and decision making in the team decide which group will win the day in this team experience.

A GPS tour at your company event

Integrate this teambuilding into your company event. Whether as a team activity on your company outing or as a supporting programm at your conference. According to your wishes, we design your individual GPS tour. You can obtain further services for your events from TAKE A LOOK from one source. From transfer, food & drinks to a subsequent evening event and hotel accommodation. The locations are located in a fantastic natural setting and are within easy reach of the cities of Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf and the surrounding area.

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TAKE A LOOK organized a union meeting with 300 deputies. They did a professional job with a great concept which was realized perfectly. Concerning the technology, furnishing and assistance, we were able to fully rely on TAKE A LOOK and take care of ourselves to the content. Ellen Bertke – FUSSBALL-VERBAND MITTELRHEIN
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