Project manager Niklas Schillings and managing director Christian Müller-Matits took an hour to talk to Masha about her internship at TAKE A LOOK Events & Incentives. If you want to know more, just read on…

NIKLAS: Masha, why event management?
After completing my bachelor’s degree in economics, I really wanted to gain some practical experience. Organizing, being creative, coming into contact with different people etc. has always been a lot of fun for me. To get a better idea of the job as an event manager, the internship at TAKE A LOOK was simply perfect for me.

CHRISTIAN: To what extent have you been able to draw on previous experience?
During my studies I was part of the student council. There I was responsible for the planning and implementation of events, which helped me during my internship. At this time I also learned to approach other people openly and without shyness. That was often to my advantage at our events. Furthermore, as a working student at an exhibition construction company, I had already dealt with larger events before so that I was used to it a bit when I started my internship.

NIKLAS: Which was your most exciting project at TAKE A LOOK?
For me our most exciting project at TAKE A LOOK was our weekend event in Noordwijk. During this the event we took care of just everything. The transfer, the overnight stay in the hotel, the active program on the day, the evening organization with DJ and so on. For a group of 100 people it was not that easy to organize. Being a permanent contact person on site is definitely easier said than done. But the weekend at the North Sea was a complete success and definitely my personal highlight of my internship.

CHRISTIAN: You previously did an internship at a leading retail company. At TAKE A LOOK we are “a few less”. What is the attraction for you?
It was important for me to get to know the complete opposite. A company that is a bit more familiar and not so anonymous. A company where the different tasks and areas are not completely defined and you get in touch for example with the accounting or marketing department at the same time and you almost have to be an all-rounder.

NIKLAS: What do you think about the working hours in the event industry, or here at TAKE A LOOK?
Of course there are sometimes events that last into the early morning or take place on the weekend, but we always have a day off than afterwards. In addition, we are often at super beautiful locations and the events are always so much fun that you often don’t even have the feeling of really working.

CHRISTIAN: What are your further plans now?
I will soon continue with my Master’s degree in my hometown and I am looking forward to continuing my theoretical education. But I am also really glad that I was able to gain so much experience at TAKE A LOOK and I am leaving with a lot of great memories. I had a lot of fun working at TAKE A LOOK and can imagine to work later in this area after my master’s degree.

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