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Raft building | Teambuilding Outdoor

Different materials – plenty of work – one team

A great water based competitive team challenge for small or large groups from about 20 to 100 people.

Divided into small groups of 7-10 participants the event involves constructing a raft from planks, barrels and ropes with a little technical advice or training, followed by a speed and manoeuvrability race. The teams are given a short time to discuss the construction and design their raft on paper and afterwards begin with the construction. Once the safety and technical instructors are fine with the construction, the rafts are let into water. The rafts need to be big and strong enough to carry the team throughout a series of races.

Exciting and interactive work in an idyllic atmosphere

The sheltered waters of our beautiful lakes, partly combined with a hotel or a moated castle (where a meeting or a workshop can be held) offer great facilities where the topic raft building can be taken up as if to say “A Day in the countryside…”. The whole event lasts up to 3 hours.

Equipment as well as life jackets, pavilions and rain ponchos will be provided by us. We are happy to give advice regarding places and locations.

TAKE A LOOK Events & Incentives, the event management agency from Cologne and Duesseldorf, is able to realise this event for your company either as team building or corporate event.

Location of realisation: In and around Cologne, Duesseldorf, Essen, Ratingen, Neuss and many more.

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We realized an incentive travel to Cologne and Bonn with the support of TAKE A LOOK. It has been evolved a very cooperative teamwork for a successfully event. We just can highly recommend the DMC services of TAKE A LOOK. Sabine Coppens – Coffee Con Latte, Belgium
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