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Ready, set- Go! – Team Building Indoor Golf | Teambuilding Indoor Golf

A fancy teambuilding event

For this team building activity – called Indoor Golf – you don´t need to have any background knowledge. Everyone starts at zero, because the conditions aren´t always predictable. A tile gap or a fitted carpet can easily lead the ball in the wrong direction and not directly to the target. Depending on the room facilities, various stops can be set up.

The traditional golf ball is replaced with a softball and has to run through different courses. Based on mini golf rules, the participants pass the craziest stops, trying this with as less shots as possible.

In a conference hotel, in the office or at the headquarters of their company, the participants have to play the ball e.g. through cables, wine boxes or against a milk can. The sportive activity can start as soon as the participants are equipped with a club and the appropriate utensils. The shots are captured and the results are then written down on a sheet of paper, so that either the golf princess or prince of the office golf competition can be found.

Social programme for an interactive conference break

As an active break or communicative exchange e.g. during a conference, fun is a main factor here. Due to the fact that this indoor team building concept is independent on any weather conditions, it can be realised throughout the whole year. At the end of a glorious day the individual as well as the team performances are honoured with prizes. If required, the moderation and the game administration can be led in English by our professional team.

By the way: we also offer an outdoor version, called Crossgolf, which can be realised on the ground surrounding the hotel.

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The following things are always particularly important to us on our company outings:
A changing programme tailored to our staff, a location with a feel-good factor and a creative team-building approach that helps to develop a stronger sense of WE.
TAKE A LOOK quickly understood our objectives and created an outstanding event concept that will keep us in mind for a long time to come. A big THANK YOU to the whole team for this great organisation and implementation!
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