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Harvest workers in the Vineyard | Teambuilding Outdoor

A team event in a small group with a big impact

Team building or a summer party in a large group? Difficult. A team event in a small group with a big impact? Perfect. Together with our befriended winegrowers on the River Rhine, Ahr or Moselle, we organize an exciting team event with an adventurous character and a change of perspective.

In the months of September or October your employees come to us in the vineyard in small groups of approx. 10-15 people. Equipped and guided by the winemaker, your colleagues will help with the grape harvest for a day or two. Right in the vineyard and on the winery.

The grape harvest takes place in the respective region over a period of 2-3 weeks, so that we can scale this event from many small groups to a total event with up to 150 people (spread over several days).

The “we-feeling” is promoted through various measures

We can individually coordinate the tasks and objectives and a complete storytelling. All days are photographed and TAKE A LOOK creates a photo book or a short film, a colorful story full of interviews and testimonials from the participants. In this way, the small groups come together to form a larger whole and the “we-feeling” and communication with one another is promoted.

We are happy to combine this event with a hike through the vineyards and a wine tasting.

With a distance – but certainly.


The guests will receive the follow-up in the coming year

In the coming year, the wine will then be bottled and sent to all participants with a personal dedication from the winemaker.

We are also happy to take care of accommodation and catering in the target area. A TAKE A LOOK employee is available on site as a guide and coordinator.

Testimonials| Hear what out clients say about our work

Die Sportschule Hennef hat mit TAKE A LOOK in den vergangenen Jahren zahlreiche Teambuildings und Firmen-Events professionell umgesetzt. TAKE A LOOK hat dabei immer mit kreativen Ideen und dem Blick für das Besondere überzeugt. Hand in Hand haben wir so unseren Kunden und Gästen eine professionelle Infrastruktur für Tagungen, Meetings oder Team-Events geboten, das alles im unverwechselbaren Sportschul-Ambiente – für die Teilnehmer ein motivierender Gegensatz zum Büroalltag!

Sascha Hendrich-Bächer, Leiter der Sportschule Hennef

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