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Dragonboat race | Teambuilding Outdoor

Concentration, strength of mind, teamwork and motivation!

This team event demands lots of concentration, endurance, willpower and motivation. In order to steer the Chinese dragon boats, with a length of 13 metre, accurately there has to be good team spirit. According to the rhythm of the drumbeat, the teams transfer the power of the paddle strokes to the water. Once the rhythm becomes one´s second nature, fun is guaranteed!

During this team building or corporate event TAKE A LOOK Events & Incentives divides you and your colleagues into teams of maximum 20 people and gives you an exact instruction for the boats. After that, each team takes turns to start practicing the paddling. In the following race you´ll see which team works best together. The object of the competition is to cover a particular distance as quick as possible. When the qualifying rounds are over the winner team will be announced, followed by a presentation ceremony.

Our full-service offering

TAKE A LOOK can organise your dragon boat race for a summer festival with campfire and barbecue or colourful cocktails and a party with DJ. Further team activities can be integrated as well.

We have the best locations (close to Cologne, Bonn, Duesseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Mainz and Wiesbaden) and design for you an extraordinary team building which fosters communication and integration – tailored to your purpose, budget and time.

This team event is ideal for 50 to 150 participants.

TAKE A LOOK Events & Incentives, the event management agency for the area around Duesseldorf, Cologne, Bonn and the Ruhr Area, is your reliable partner when it comes to organisation and realisation of individual entertaining events.  Professional event planning, team buildings, company events, corporate events or evening events.

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It was our goal to offer our personnel an extraordinary and unforgettable day. They had a lot of fun together and the company outing will be remembered positively. TAKE A LOOK is an extremely creative partner with the ability to get things done, so we could achieve our goal. Christoph Müller-Masiá - CredaRate Solutions GmbH
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