The new outdoor teambuilding in nature

Our new teambuilding concept focuses on the constantly increasing demand for mindfulness, relaxation and recreation. During the various activities, you will come a little closer to nature and learn to experience, use and appreciate it new. Already five minutes in the nature cause stress reduction and relaxation, improves your concentration, the mood as well as the psychological well-being. The positive effect of nature is the optimal prerequisite for strengthening and improving your cooperation.

Activities such as outdoor first aid, herb and plant science, arrows & bows, the production of drinking water or fire-making not only bring you closer to nature but also to your colleagues and employees. Experiencing and collecting all these experiences in nature together will motivate and strengthen you as a team.

The nature experience team training can be organized wonderfully as a supporting program of your conference, as outdoor teambuilding or as a company outing. Find out more about our brand new, exciting team event here.