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Prague | Incentives

Prague – Venice oft he east – a perfect incentive travel destination which can be reached within max. two hours of most European capitals with a direct flight. TAKE A LOOK has already organized a three day, two nights incentive travel from Germany to Prague (which can easily combined with a meeting) with several highlights as a five star castle hotel, visits at the castle of Prague, the famous carls bridge, a boat tour on the moldova and a breathtaking gala dinner in a wineyard overlooking the capital of the Czech Republic.

We are delighted to prepare a proposal for your incentive group thinking of going to Prague.

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A new structure in a company is always exciting and the colleagues feel insecure.
TAKE A LOOK took the unsure feeling with a playful way at the Kick-Off. The Event-Team showed the colleagues how fast you can build a great team.
Mark Minne - Head RISE of Deutsche Telekom AG
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