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Abu Dhabi | Incentives

Not quite six-hour flight from Germany it is called “Ahlan wa Sahlan” or “Welcome to Arabian beautiful new world “: more than 200 natural islands, 700 km of coastline, mountains and dunes, oases and nature reserves, palaces and luxury hotels. Since in Abu Dhabi in 1959, oil was discovered, itself transformed the spot desert without Streets in an economic miracle.
Abu Dhabi is the largest sheikdom of the United Arab Emirates. The upturn is due to the regent Sheikh Zayed, who died in 2004. He shared the wealth with the people. Because of his vision, the economic development of the emirate was already planned to 2030. He realized that he forgets its roots, quickly loses the identity. For this reason are in this vision the cultural heritage, nature, sustainability and a planned, pro-growth in focus. The modern architecture can therefore recognize a relation to history and culture. Abu Dhabi is an emirate that offers many surprises and has perfect conditions for meetings and incentives.

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